» Program | Thursday 04.07.2024

Thursday 04.07.2024: 08.30-09.50h

Plenary Session – Keynote speakers 

Main Conference Hall (Grote Zaal)

Chairs: Christer Betsholtz (Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden) & Mariona Graupera (Carreras Leukaemia Reserch Institute, Barcelona, Spain)

08.30-09.10h Anne Eichmann (Yale/PARCC, USA/France)

09.10-09.50h Stefanie Dimmeler (Goethe Uni, Frankfurt, Germany)

09.50-10.15h Coffee and tea break

Parallel Sessions

Thursday 04.07.2024

Grote Zaal

10.15-11.45h: Parallel Session 15

Session 15: Angiocrine control mechanisms

Chairs: Mahak Singhal (ECAS, Mannheim / Heidelberg, Germany) & You Mie Lee (Kyungpook National University, South Korea)
Sponsored by: Korean Vascular Biology Society (KVBM) & CRC1366-“Vascular control of organ function” (Heidelberg, Germany)

10.15-10.35h: Shahin Rafii (Cornell, USA)

10.35-10.55h: You Mie Lee (Kyungpook National University, South Korea)

10.55-11.15h: Helmut Augustin (DKFZ Heidelberg, Germany)

11.15-11.35h: Yoshiaki Kubota (Keio University, Japan)

11.35-11.45h: Luxán, Guillermo : Pericyte Tbx20 controls cardiac ageing

Thursday 04.07.2024

Berlage Zaal

10.15-11.45h: Parallel Session 16

Session 16: Innovative therapies & translational approaches to combat ischemic CVD

Chairs: Niels Riksen (Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, Netherlands) & Paul Riley (DPAG, Oxford, UK)

10.15-10.35h: Eldad Zhahor (Weizmann, Israel)

10.35-10.55h: Jean-Sébastien Hulot (PARCC, France)

10.55-11.15h: Christian Kupatt (TUM, Germany)

11.15-11.35h: Seppo Yla-Herttuala (Finland)

11.35-11.45h: Ragava Chetty Nagaraj, Naresh Kumar : Inhibition of protein glycosylation as a novel therapeutic strategy for cerebral ischemia

Thursday 04.07.2024

Effektenbeurs Zaal

10.15-11.45h: Parallel Session 17

Session 17: Leukocyte – Vessel wall interactions: focus on immune cells

Chairs: Claudine Bonder (Univ. of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia) & Dietmar Vestweber (MPI, Münster, Germany)
sponsored by TRR332: “Neutrophils: origin, fate and function” (Münster, Germany)

10.15-10.35h: Markus Sperandio (Munich, Germany)

10.35-10.55h: Sussan Nourshargh (London, UK)

10.55-11.15h: Oliver Söhnlein (Münster, Germany)

11.15-11.25h: Maier-Begandt, Daniela : Mutations in VPS18 interfere with intracellular vesicle homeostasis and lead to impaired neutrophil development

11.25-11.35h: Ibrahim, Hisham : The mechanosensitive ion channel Piezo1 is required for monocyte spreading on VCAM-1 and monocyte recruitment in VCAM-1-dependent inflammation

11.35-11.45h: Heron Coraline: 3D imaging of immune cell migration

Thursday 04.07.2024

Administratie Zaal

10.15-11.45h: Parallel Session 18

Session 18: Epigenetic control of cardiovascular remodeling

Chairs: Lars Mägdefessel (TUM, Munich, Germany) & Judith Sluimer (CARIM, Maastricht, Netherlands)

10.15-10.35h: Sarah de Val (Oxford, UK)

10.35-10.55h: Minna U Kaikkonen (Finland)

10.55-11.15h: Kaska Koltowska (Sweden)

11.15-11.25h: Oszmiana, Anna : Genome-wide binding profiles for key transcription factors reveal patterns of combinatorial binding in lymphatic endothelial cells.

11.25-11.35h: Gehrs, Stephanie : DNMT3A-dependent DNA methylation shapes the endothelial enhancer landscape

11.35-11.45h: Lautenschläger, Till : Acute myocardial infarction induces long-term epigenetic alterations of endothelial cells 

11.45-13.00h Lunch + Poster Viewing

Thursday 04.07.2024

Grote Zaal

13.15-14.30h: Parallel Session 19

Session 19: Organo-typical vasculatures

Chairs: Jean-Léon Thomas (Yale, Neurology, USA) & Benoit Vanhollebeke (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

13.00-13.20h: Ralf Adams (MPI Münster, Germany)

13.20-13.40h: Gou Young Koh (Center for Vascular Research, IBS, South Korea)

13.40-14.00h: Ferdinand le Noble (KIT, Germany)

14.00-14.20h: Shigetomo Fukuhara (Tokyo, Japan)

14.20-14.30h: Wagner, Julian : Age-related repression of the transcription factor ZBTB16 as upstream regulator of cardiac aging

Thursday 04.07.2024

Berlage Zaal

13.00-14.30h: Parallel Session 20

Session 20: Neuro-Immune modulation of vascular function

Chairs: Tom Guzik (Univ. of Glasgow, Editor CVR , UK) & Ingrid Fleming (Goethe Uni, Frankfurt, Germany)
Sponsored by the journal Cardiovascular Research

13.00-13.20h: Daniela Carnevale (Rome, Italy)

13.20-13.40h: Ziad Mallat (Cambridge & PARCC, UK/France)

13.40-14.00h: Tom Guzik (CVR, UK)

14.00-14.10h: Murphy, Andrew : Cholinergic regulation of bone marrow perivascular microenvironment influences hematopoietic stem cell mobilization

14.10-14.20h: Tan, Josephine : PRDM16 controls smooth muscle cell fate in atherosclerosis

14.20-14.30h: Shih-Liang Lee, Bob : Reversing Medial Aortic Calcification: The Role of TET2 in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Osteogenic Differentiation

Thursday 04.07.2024

Effektenbeurs Zaal

13.15-14.30h: Parallel Session 21

Session 21: Mechanotransduction (part 1)

Chairs: Liz Jones (Leuven, Belgium) & Stephan Huveneers (Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands)
Sponsored by the Australian Vascular Biology Society AVBS

13.00-13.20h: Anne Lagendijk (Australia)

13.20-13.40h: Stefan Offermans (MPI Bad Nauheim, Germany)

13.40-14.00h: Ellie Tzima (Oxford, UK)

14.00-14.10h: Siekmann, Arndt : Alk1-Endoglin signaling-dependent regulation of ribosomal biogenesis limits vein cell size increases in response to hemodynamic cues

14.10-14.20h: Schimmel, Lilian : Caveolae regulate tissue specific angiogenesis through VEGFR2 signalling specification.

14.20-14.30h: Fang Yun: Mechanosensitive endothelial METTL7A controls internal m7G of mRNA and atherosclerosis 

Thursday 04.07.2024

Administratie Zaal

13.00-14.30h: Parallel Session 22

Session 22: Novel developments in high-end imaging at single cell level

Chairs: Jaap van Buul (UMC Amsterdam) & Maike Frey (UKE, Hamburg, Germany)

13.00-13.20h: Eric Reits (Amsterdam, NL)

13.20-13.40h: Dorus Gadella (Amsterdam/EMBL, NL)

13.40-14.00h: Peter Friedl (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

14.00-14.10h: Stegmeyer, Rebekka I. : Visualizing inflammation at high spatio-temporal resolution: A novel minimally invasive approach to intravital imaging with an Airy Beam Light Sheet microscope (Aurora)

14.10-14.20h: Gunawardane, Ru : Re-orientation and subcellular re-organization of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelial cells in response to shear stress

14.20-14.30h: Protzmann, Jil : An intravital two-photon imaging and analysis protocol to dissect blood-brain barrier breach and vascular remodeling along the arteriovenous axis in experimental ischemic stroke

14.30-14.50h Coffee and tea break

Thursday 04.07.2024

Grote Zaal

14.50-16.20h: Parallel Session 23

Session 23: Vascular pathophysiology unique to the CNS

Chairs: Kristy Red-Horse (HHMI, Stanford, USA) & Laetitia Preau (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT, Germany)
Sponsored by: North American Vascular Biology Organisation (NAVBO) and Korean Society for Vascular Biology and Medicine (KVBM)

14.50-15.10h: Chenghua Gu (USA)

15.10-15.30h: Injune Kim (South Korea)

15.30-15.50h: Katerina Akassoglou (San Francisco, USA)

15.50-16.10h: Jean-Leon Thomas (Yale, USA)

16.10-16.20h: Choi, Jieun : Intravital Imaging of Dynamic Cellular and Vascular Responses in Mouse Cerebral Brain Microinfarction

Thursday 04.07.2024

Berlage Zaal

14.50-16.20h: Parallel Session 24

Session 24: Interrogating (genetic) causes of vascular disease in man

Chairs: Natahsa Harvey (University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia) & Nihay Laham-Karam (Uni Eastern Finland Kuopio, Finland)
Sponsored by: Australian Vascular Biology Society (AVBS)

214.50-15.10h: Miika Vikkula (Brussels, Belgium)

15.10-15.30h: Graeme Birdsey (London, UK)

15.30-15.50h: Natasha Harvey (Australia)

15.50-16.10h: Oliver Mueller (Kiel, Germany)

16.10-16.20h: Asselberghs, Sebastiaan E J : Dipeptidase 1 (DPEP1) is a critical regulator of blood pressure in humans and mice.


Thursday 04.07.2024

Effektenbeurs Zaal

14.50-16.20h: Parallel Session 25

Session 25: Emerging molecular mechanisms in atherosclerosis (part 2)

Chairs: Jürgen Bernhagen (ISD, University Hospital Munich, LMU, Germany) & Marit Westerterp (University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands)
Sponsored by: SFB1123 “Atherosclerosis-Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic targets” (Munich, Germany)

14.50-15.10h: Mireille Ouimet (University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Canada)

15.10-15.30h: Laurent Yvan-Charvet (Nice, France)

15.30-15.50h: Maliheh Nazari-Jahantigh (Munich, Germany)

15.50-16.00h: CHAKER, Ahmed bey : ATP-binding cassette B8 prevents endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis.

16.00-16.10h: Baxter, Amy: Examining the role of vascular endothelial cells in efferocytosis

16.10-16.20h: Sachse, Marco : Posttranscriptional regulation of several pro-atherosclerotic genes by the RNA-binding protein HuR is critical for human atherosclerosis progression

Thursday 04.07.2024

Administratie Zaal

14.50-16.20h: Parallel Session 26

Session 26: Novel concepts in vascular remodeling – hosted by JVBMO

Chairs: Tetsuro Watabe (Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), Tokyo, Japan) & Fumiko Itoh (Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Japan)
Sponsored by: Japanese Vascular Biology and Medicine Organisation ( JVBMO)

14.50-15.10h: Yoshito Yamashiro (Japan)

15.10-15.30h: Fumiko Itoh (Tokyo, Japan)

15.30-15.50h: Norihiko Takeda (Japan)

15.50-16.00h: Hanada Yasuyuki: Biomechanical mechanisms integrating vessel elongation with lumenization during angiogenesis

16.00-16.10h: Halder Semanti: TGFbeta-2 mediates endothelial cell-pericyte interaction that facilitates angiogenesis via vascular basement membrane formation with type-4 collagen deposition.

16.10-16.20h: Nakayima Hiroyuki: Angpt1/Tie1 signaling regulates lymphatic vessel development in zebrafish

16.20-16.30h Break to get from the lecture halls to the Aletta Jacobs award session for talented females at the start of their career

Thursday 04.07.2024: 16.30-18.00h

Plenary Session – Session 27: Aletta Jacobs award session – 

Grote Zaal

Chairs: Karina Yaniv (Weizman, Rehovot, Israel) and Katrien de Bock (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)
Sponsored by: AstraZeneca

16.30-16.45h: Katrien de Bock (ETH, Zürich, Switzerland)

16.45-17.00h: Pasquier Candice – Piezo and TRPV mechanosensitive calcium channels cooperatively trigger the loss of endothelial stability in Cerebral Cavernous Malformations

17.00-17.15h: Kim Soo Jin – PLVAP-Driven Fenestration: Unraveling PLVAP’s Role in Tissue-Level Homeostasis

17.15-17.30h: Uttekar Neha: A VE-cadherin Tension Sensor Mouse Model for In Vivo Tension Sensing at Vascular Junctions

17.30-17.45h: Shin Yu Jung : Perfusable vascular organoids for hierarchical cerebrovascular modeling

17.45-18.00h: Janssen Vera: Non-canonical VE-cadherin trafficking through junctional BAR proteins directs collective endothelial cell migration during vascular development

19.00 – 22.00 h CONFERENCE PARTY!!! Drinks & Bites! Put your dancing shoes on!