» Program | Wednesday 03.07.2024

Wednesday 03.07.2024: 08.30-09.50h

Plenary Session – Keynote speakers 

Main Conference Hall (Grote Zaal)

08.30-09.10h Didier Stainier (MPI Bad Nauheim, Germany)

09.10-09.50h Kristy Red-Horse (Stanford, USA)

09.50-10.15h Coffee and tea break

Parallel Sessions

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Grote Zaal

10.15-11.45h: Parallel Session 1

Session 1: The coronary circulation during development and repair

10.15-11.35h: Bin Zhou (New York, USA)

10.35-10.55h: Paul Riley (Oxford, UK)

10.55-11.15h: Eric Small (Rochester, USA)

11.15-11.25h: Glaser, Simone-Franziska: Notch4 induces vascular malformation-like phenotypes in heart failure

11.25-11.35h: Kopacz, Aleksandra : Identification of defined angiocrine signals from cardiac-specific endothelial cells for induction of human myocyte maturation

11.35-11.45h: Gunawan, Felix : The cardiac endothelial tissue as a niche for hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Berlage Zaal

10.15-11.45h: Parallel Session 2

Session 2: Emerging functions of non-coding RNAs in the cardiovascular system

Sponsored by the Cardio-Pulmonary Excellence Cluster (CPI), Frankfurt, Germany

10.15-11.35h: Ralf Brandes (Frankfurt, Germany)

10.35-10.55h: Andrew Baker (Maastricht/Edinburgh, NL/UK)

10.35-10.55h: Lars Mägdefessel (Munich, Germany)

11.15-11.25h:Stein, Leonie : Long non-coding RNA NTRAS regulates immunomodulatory phenotypes of endothelial cells

11.25-11.35h: Ciliberti, Giorgia : Double-stranded RNA sensing links antiviral innate immunity with pulmonary endothelial barrier integrity

11.35-11.45h: Luna Buitrago, Diana : Characterising the role of microRNA-26b in vascular calcification

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Effektenbeurs Zaal

10.15-11.45h: Parallel Session 3

Session 3: Leukocyte – Vessel wall interactions: focus on the endothelium

sponsored by Swiss Society of Microcircultation and Vascular Research (SSMVR)

10.15-11.35h: Dietmar Vestweber (Muenster, Germany)

10.35-10.55h: Jaap van Buul (AMC/Sanquin, NL)

10.55-11.15h: Britta Engelhardt (Bern, Switserland)

11.15-11.25h: Park: Apelin 13 breaks the immune cell route from the lung to the brain

11.25-11.35h: Hayashi Vanessa : PGE2 signaling triggers CD31-independent transendothelial migration

11.35-11.45h: Savvidou Ioanna : Endothelial-targeted CD39 as a novel treatment for acute organ injury in sepsis

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Administratie Zaal

10.15-11.45h: Parallel Session 4

Session 4: Engineering Cardiovascular Tissue

10.15-11.35h: Christine Mummery (Leiden, NL)

10.35-10.55h: Christopher Chen (USA)

10.35-10.55h: Carlijn Bouten (TU Eindhoven, NL)

11.15-11.25h: Guelfi, Sophie : Stem cell-derived vascular organoids: heterogeneous and relevant tools to model vascular-immune interactions in situ

11.25-11.35h: Frey, Ariana : Investigating vascular-cardiac interactions in a perfusable engineered heart tissue

11.35-11.45h: Chavez, Taylor : Pluripotent stem cell-derived vasculature reveals sex differences

11.45-13.00h Lunch + Poster Mounting

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Grote Zaal

13.00-14.30h: Parallel Session 5

Session 5: Systems Biology – Single Cell and Spatial transcriptomics approaches

13.00-13.20h: Jeroen Bakkers (Hubrecht, Utrecht, NL)

13.20-13.40h: Rafael Kramann (Aachen, Germany)

13.40-14.00h: Christer Betzholtz (Uppsala, Sweden)

14.00-14.10h: Malhi, Naseeb : Endothelial-Macrophage Interactions as Unveiled by Single Cell and Spatial Transcriptomics in Diabetic Vascular Dysfunction

14.10-14.20h: Pekayvaz, Kami : b Immunothrombolytic monocyte-neutrophil axes dominate the single-cell landscape of human thrombosis

14.20-14.30h: Pauli, Jessica : Single-cell and spatially resolved transcriptome analysis reveals a novel lncRNA regulator of human atherosclerosis

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Berlage Zaal

13.00-14.30h: Parallel Session 6

Session 6: Metabolic targeting of vascular remodeling

13.00-13.20h: Ingrid Fleming (Frankfurt, Germany)

13.20-13.40h: Massimo Santoro (Padua, Italy)

13.40-14.00h: Michael Potente (Berlin, Germany)

14.00-14.10h: Koenen, Mascha : PRDM16-Dependent Loss of Beige Adipocytes Leads to Elevated Blood Pressure

14.10-14.20h: Tapia, Alonso : Endothelial-specific AGO1 in Islet Function and Transplant Outcomes

14.20-14.30h: Rezende , Flavia : The Omega Amidase NIT2 is a novel redox-sensitive key regulator of glutamine metabolism in endothelial cells

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Effektenbeurs Zaal

13.00-14.30h: Parallel Session 7

Session 7: Emerging molecular mechanisms in atherosclerosis (part 1)

Sponsored by Atherosclerosis-SFB Muenich

13.00-13.20h: Christian Weber (Munich, Germany)

13.20-13.40h: Judith Sluimer (Maastricht, NL)

13.40-14.00h: Ziad Mallat (Cambridge/Paris, UK/France)

14.00-14.10h: Asare, Yaw : A cis-regulatory element controls HDAC9 expression to fine-tune inflammasome-dependent chronic inflammation

14.10-14.20h: Matic, Ljubica: Myeloid PCSK6 ablation increases experimental atherosclerosis, but improves plaque stability by promoting fibrogenic IL-17, collagen deposition and smooth muscle

14.20-14.30h: Benedicto, Ignacio: Exacerbated atherosclerosis in progeria is prevented by progerin elimination in vascular smooth muscle cells but not endothelial cells 

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Administratie Zaal

13.00-14.30h: Parallel Session 8

Session 8: Lymphangiogenesis (part 1)

13.00-13.20h: Mathias Francois (Queensland, Australia)

13.20-13.40h: Taija Makaïnen: (Finland)

13.40-14.00h: Oliver Stone: (Oxford, UK)

14.00-14.10h: Shao-Yun Hsu: Benefit of Lymphangiogenic Hydrogels on Lymphatic Function and Regeneration for Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer 

14.10-14.20h: Angeli, Veronique : Lymphatic insufficiency in lymphedema leads to excessive skin cholesterol deposition and contributes to disease progression

14.20-14.30h:  El Kamouch, Marie Renee: Cerebral Venous Blood Flow Regulates Brain Fluid Homeostasis and Neuro-Immune Surveillance

14.30-14.50h Coffee and tea break

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Grote Zaal

14.50-16.20h: Parallel Session 9

Session 9: Novel players and mechanisms in vascular remodeling

14.50-15.10h: Naoki Mochizuki (Osaka, Japan)

15.10-15.30h: Ruiz Benedito (Madrid, Spain)

15.30-15.50h: Pitulescu, Mara : Cellular and molecular mechanisms of lung artery growth

15.50-16.00h: A. Franco, Cláudio : A non-genetic model of vascular shunts informs on the cellular mechanisms of formation and resolution of arteriovenous malformations.

16.00-16.10h: Rianne Schoon: VE Cadherin

16.10-16.20h: Mauro Siragusa: Identification and functional characterization of endothelial cell microproteins encoded by non-canonical open reading frames

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Berlage Zaal

14.50-16.20h: Parallel Session 10

Session 10: non-coding RNA’s for (cardio)vascular therapy – Translational session

14.50-15.10h: Thomas Thum (Hannover, Germany)

15.10-15.30h: Mauro Giacca (Kings College London, UK)

15.30-15.50h: Gianluigi Condorelli (Milan, Italy)

15.50-16.00h: Hosen, Mohammed Rabiul Hose : Long noncoding RNA H19 is elevated in aortic valve stenosis and governs angiogenic response and valvular endothelial cell phenotypes through endothelial to mesenchymal transition

16.00-16.10h: Boon, Reinier : Novel endothelial-enriched long non-coding RNA AL590004.3 (IRENE) is dysregulated in HFpEF and controls endothelial enhancement of cardiomyocyte function

16.10-16.20h: Li, Zhaolong : Long non-coding RNA LINC-PINT regulates smooth muscle cell plasticity in developing abdominal aortic aneurysms

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Effektenbeurs Zaal

14.50-16.20h: Parallel Session 11

Session 11: Targeting Macrophages in vascular diseases

14.50-15.10h: Jürgen Bernhagen (Munich, Germany)

15.10-15.30h: Menno de Winther (AMC, NL)

15.30-15.50h: Trian Chavakis (Dresden, Germany)

15.50-16.00h: Testini, Chiara: Lyve1+ macrophages contribute to vascular density and perfusion important for tissue normalization during healing of ischemic injuries

16.00-16.10h: Karam, Marie : Astrocytic defects in a brain-edema mice model underlie a recruitment of LYVE-1+PVMs essential for edema resorption. 

16.10-16.20h: Germena, Giulia : Endothelial Extracellular Vesicles signaling during diabetes. Macrophages: you’ve got a mail.

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Administratie Zaal

14.50-16.20h: Parallel Session 12

Session 12: Vascular Resilience

Sponsored by the Chinese American Academy of Cardiology (CAAC)

14.50-15.05h: Hong Chen (USA)

15.05-15.20h: John Shyy (USA)

15.20-15.35h: Yabing Chen (USA)

15.35-15.50h: Mei Xin (USA)

15.50-16.00h: Shi-You Chen: Macrophage ADAR1 Promotes Atherosclerosis Development Through Editing-independent Degradation of PPAR-γ

16.00-16.10h: Changcheng Zhou: Paternal hypercholesterolemia elicits sex-specific exacerbation of atherosclerosis in adult offspring of LDL receptor-deficient mice

16.10-16.20h: De Moudt, Sofie : Pro-resolving receptor GPR18 regulates vascular physiology in a vascular bed-specific manner

16.20-16.30h Break to get from the lecture halls to the poster sessions – best abstract award session presented by young investigators. Our motto: science of the future – the future of science

Parallel Sessions

Wednesday 03.07.2024

Grote Zaal

16.30-18.00h: Session 14

Best Abstract Award Session

Sponsored by German Society for Microcirculation and Vascular Biology

16.30-16.45h: Ardicoglu, Raphaela: Insights into Apold1 Function in Endothelial Injury: Immune Cell Response and Vascular Integrity

16.45-17.00h: Tian, Xiao Yu: Endothelial PPARD ablation exacerbates vascular hyperpermeability via STAT1/CXCL10 signaling in acute lung injury

17.00-17.15h: Broux, Bieke: Rapamycin rescues loss-of-function in blood-brain barrier-interacting regulatory T cells

17.15-17.30h: Wong, Wing Tak Jack: Endothelial PD-L1: A Gatekeeper in Vascular Homeostasis Impacted by Obesity

17.30-17.45h: Mateos Salles, Calixto : CD8+ T cell education by lymph node lymphatic endothelial cells promotes memory differentiation and maintenance at different cytokine microenvironments

17.45-18.00h: Germena, Giulia : Convergent evolution of scavenging cells at brain borders through distinct developmental mechanisms and cellular origins

Sponsored by German Society for Microcirculation and Vascular Biology