» Program | Tuesday 02.07.2024

Tuesday 02.07.2024: 12.00-18.00h

Start Registration IVBM2024

Entrance Hall (Entrée)

Tuesday 02.07.2024: 14.30-15.00h

Official opening of IVBM2024

Main Conference Hall (Grote Zaal)

Tuesday 02.07.2024: 15.00-16.20h

Plenary Session – Keynote speakers 1 and 2

Main Conference Hall (Grote Zaal)

15.00-15.40h Kari Alitalo (Helsinki, Finland)

15.40-16.20h Hans Clevers (Hubrecht/Roche, The Netherlands)

16.20-16.40h Coffee and tea break

Tuesday 02.07.2024: 16.40-18.00h

Plenary Session – Keynote speakers 3 and 4

Main Conference Hall (Grote Zaal)

16.40-17.20h Nikolaus Rajewsky (BIMSB, Berlin, Germany)

17.20-18.00h Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz (Cambridge/Caltech, UK/USA) – sponsored by NAVBO

18.00-21.00h Opening Reception at the Beurs van Berlage – all attendees invited to particpate