» Program | Friday 05.07.2024

Thursday 05.07.2024: 08.30-09.10h

Plenary Session – Keynote speaker 

Main Conference Hall (Grote Zaal)

Chairs: Ellie Tzima (Radcliffe Dept. Medicine, Oxford, UK) & Andrew Baker (Univ. Edinburgh, CARIM Maastricht, UK/Netherlands)

08.30-09.10h Stephania Nicoli (Yale)

09.10-09.15h Short break to get to the parallel sessions

Parallel Sessions

Friday 05.07.2024

Berlage Zaal

09.15-10.45h: Parallel Session 28

Session 28: Cardiovascular growth & regeneration – insight from zebrafish models

Chairs: Dong Liu (Nantong University, Nantong China) & Shigetomo Fukuhara (Nipon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan)
Sponsored by: European Zebrafish Society (EZS)

09.15-09.35h: Paul Martin (Bristol, UK)

09.35-09.55h: Brant Weinstein (NIH, USA)

09.55-10.15h: Guy Malkinson (Paris, France)

10.15-10.25h: Martin, Maud : The cytoskeleton adaptor protein Sorbs1 controls the development of lymphatic and venous vessels in zebrafish

10.25-10.35h: Lischke, Anna: Targeting endothelial cell size to control lumen diameter during angiogenesis and arteriogenesis

10.35-10.45h: Fukumoto, Moe :Cadherin-dependent zippering leads to the connection of endocardium and great veins during the development of zebrafish circulatory system.

10.45-10.55h: Paulissen, Scott: Assessing pharmacological inhibition and defining pathogenesis in pathogenic RIT1-driven zebrafish lymphatic malformation models

Friday 05.07.2024

Grote Zaal

09.15-10.45h: Parallel Session 29

Session 29: Interactions in the tumor micro-environment 

Chairs: Hellmut Augustin (DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany) & Injune Kim (KAIST, Daejeon, Republic of Korea)
Sponsored by: Korean Vascular Biology Society (KVBM)

09.15-09.35h: Kairbaa Hodivala-Dilke (London, UK)

09.35-09.55h: Keehoon Jung (Seoul National University, South Korea)

09.55-10.15h: Claudine Bonder (Australia)

10.15-10.25h: Feil, Robert : NO/cGMP signaling in pericytes promotes tumorigenesis

10.25-10.35h: Krähenbühl, Guido : Emerging single cell endothelial heterogeneity supports sprouting tumour angiogenesis and growth


Friday 05.07.2024

Effektenbeurs Zaal

09.15-10.45h: Parallel Session 30

Session 30: Mechanotransduction (part 2)

Chairs: Anne-Clémence Vion (L’institut du thorax, INSERM UMR1087, France) & Thomas Korff (Heidelberg University, Germany)

09.15-09.35h: Martin Schwartz (Yale, USA)

09.35-09.55h: Sara Baratchi (Baker Institute, Australia)

09.55-10.15h: Julian Vermot (London, UK)

10.15-10.25h: Vion, Anne-Clémence : ARHGEF18 is a flow-responding exchange factor controlling endothelial tight junctions and vascular leakage

10.25-10.35h: Franco, Cláudio : A non-genetic model of vascular shunts informs on the cellular mechanisms of formation and resolution of arteriovenous malformations

10.35-10.45h: van der Meer, Werner : Neutrophil diapedesis induces junctional tension via myosin light chain phosphorylation in endothelial cells

10.45-11.15h Coffee and tea break

Friday 05.07.2024

Grote Zaal

11.15-12.45h: Parallel Session 31

Session 31: Barriers in the nervous system

Chairs: Elga de Vries (Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands) & Stefan Liebner (Goethe University Clinic, Frankfurt, Germany)

11.15-11.35h:Isabella Brunet (Paris, France)

11.35-11.55h:Martin Dichgans (Munich, Germany)

11.55-12.15h:Benoit Vanhollebeke (Bruxelles, Belgium)

12.15-12.25h:Giannotta, Monica : Dual role of brain endothelial Gpr126 in blood-brain barrier development and ischemic stroke 

12.25-12.35h:Cuervo, Henar : Notch signaling regulates pericyte coverage, vessel structure, and stability in the mouse germinal matrix

12.35-12.45h: Peghaire, Claire : The ubiquitin ligase Tripartite Motif 47 maintains brain homeostasis by promoting the NRF2 antioxidant protective system

Friday 05.07.2024

Berlage Zaal

11.15-12.45h: Parallel Session 32

Session 32: Vascular Remodeling in the Uterus and Placenta

Chairs: Lopa Leach (Nottingham, UK) & Flávia Rezende (Goethe University, Germany)
Sponsored by: NAVBO (USA), BMVBS (UK) and TRR359″”Perinatal development of immune cell topology” (Munich, Germany)

11.15-11.35h: Lopa Leach (Nottingham, UK): Two circulations, one goal: matched haemodynamics and signalling at the human materno-fetal interface

11.35-11.55h: Kara L. McKinley (Harvard, USA)

11.55-12.15h: Roland Immler (Munich, GER)

12.15-12.25h: Valdimarsdottir, Gudrun : Transient TGF-beta-induced SMAD1/5 activation promotes trophoblast invasion of maternal spiral arteries

12.25-12.35h: James Jo: The impact of impaired placental vascular development on the biomechanics of the heart-placenta axis in fetal growth restriction

12.35-12.45h: Cwiek Aleksandra: Role of the retinoic acid in placental vascularization.

Friday 05.07.2024

Effektenbeurs Zaal

11.15-12.45h: Parallel Session 33

Session 33: Platelets – from mechanisms to translation

Chairs: Oliver Mueller (DZHK, Uni Kiel, Germany) and Konstantinos Stellos (Univ. of Lübeck, Germany)
Sponsored by the German Centers for Cardiovascular Research – DZHK Standort Kiel

11.15-11.35h: Steffen Massberg (Munich, Germany): “Platelets and the Innate Immune Cell Axis”

11.35-11.55h: Henry Nording (Kiel, Germany): “Modulation of ischemic tissue revascularization through platelets is mediated by the complement system“

11.55-12.15h: Meinrad Gawaz (Tübbingen, Germany): “Implications of hemin for hemostasis” 

12.15-12.25h: El-Mansi Sammy: Proximity proteomics identifies decisive regulators of Weibel-Palade body dynamics

12.25-12.35h:Yu Li: Oral bacterium Streptococcus mutans promotes tumor metastasis through thrombosis formation

12.35-12.45h: El Hamaoui Divina: Thrombin-Mediated Cleavage of Membrane-Bound Endoglin: Implications for Preeclampsia Pathogenesis and Endothelial Dysfunction. 

12.45-14.00h Lunch and Poster

14.00-14.30h Award ceremony – different societies

Friday 05.07.2024

Grote Zaal

14.30-16.00h: Parallel Session 34

Session 34: Lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic function(part 2)

Chairs: Taija Mäkinen (Uppsala University, Sweden) & Sarah de Val (DPAG, Oxford, UK)

14.30-14.50h:Friedemann Kiefer (Münster, Germany)

14.50-15.10h:Guillermo Oliver (Chicago, USA)

15.10-15.30h:Ben Hogan (Melbourne, Australia)

15.30-15.40h:Venkatesha Murthy, Abhinandan: Cell junction-localized inactive beta1-integrin scaffold determines Angiopoietin-TIE-Foxo1 signaling

15.40-15.50h:Peng, Di : Defining the molecular mechanisms downstream of Vegfc-Vegfr3 signaling regulating endothelial cell sprouting

15.50-16.00h:Frye, Maike : Endothelial cell type-specific functions of phosphodiesterase 2A

Friday 05.07.2024

Effektenbeurs Zaal

14.30-16.00h: Parallel Session 35

Session 35: Translational session – from the bench to bedside

Chairs: Boy Houben (CARIM, Maastricht, Netherlands) & Henning Morawietz (TU Dresden, Germany)

14.30-14.50h: Ed Eringa (VU/CARIM, Netherlands)

14.50-15.10h: Yoshiaki Okada (Osaka University, Japan)

15.10-15.30h: Niels Riksen (Radboud, Nijmegen, NL)

15.30-15.50h: Stephane Germain (College de France, Paris, France)

15.50-16.00h: Postma, Rudmer : Endothelial cell responses to cardiac surgery do not differ between patients with and without heart failure: a post-hoc analysis of the VASOR study


Friday 05.07.2024

Berlage Zaal

14.30-16.00h: Parallel Session 36

Session 36: Our Heart beats for Blood Vessels

Chairs: Levon Khachigian (Univ. New South Wales, Sydney, Australia) & Fiona Wilkinson (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

14.30-14.40h Dowsett, Laura : The Calcium-Sensing Receptor regulates female adipocyte browning and perivascular adipose function

14.40-14.50h Sorensen, Daniel : Blood Sequestration and Vascular Dynamics of Northern Glass Frogs (Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni)

14.50-15.00h Fopiano, Katie Anne: The Role of Obesity on IL-6 Signaling in the Coronary Microvasculature

15.00-15.10h Chemaly, Melody : Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 6 (PCSK6) is a key factor in Angiogenesis Regulation

15.10-15.20h Bakker, Erik : Perivascular spaces around arteries, not veins, dominate brain clearance

15.20-15.30h Chen, JIAN-Xiong: endothelial PHD2 deficiency promotes microvascular dysfunction

15.30-15.40h: Peletier, Merel: Fueling Stenosis: The integral role of Glycolysis in Lp(a)-induced Aortic Valve Inflammation.

15.40-15.50h:Van Hameren, Gerben : Mitochondrial dysfunction underlies impaired neurovascular coupling following traumatic brain injury

15.50-16.00h:Su Yangyang: Phosphatase regulation of intracellular signaling by vascular endothelial growth factor


16.00-16.10h Short break to get to the Young Investigator session

Friday 05.07.2024: 16.10-17.40h

Young Investigator Session & EVBO Lecture Award

Plenary Session – Session 37:Young Investigator Symposium + EVBO Lecture Award – Sponsored by the European Vascular Biology Organisation (EVBO)

Chairs: Mariona Graupera (Josep Carreras Lekeamia Research Institute, Barelona, Spain) & Claudio Franco (Instituto de Medicina Molecular Lisbon, Portugal)

Grote Zaal

16.10-16.30h: Maria Kotini (Basel, Switzerland): Brain vascular architectures
16.30-16.50h: Kari Vaahtomeri (Helsinki, Finland): Lymphatic endothelial guidance of targeted cell migration
16.50-17.10h: Sikander Hayat (Aachen, Germany): Spatial atlas of Human Atherosclerosis
17.10-17.40h:Karina Yaniv (Weizmann, Rehovot, Israel) – EVBO lecture award

Friday 05.07.2024: > 17.45u

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